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Sysuev Turns to Afrobeat on New Single ‘Mad Ting’

Kyiv, Ukraine – Having done R&B and Hip-Hop influenced songs, singer Sysuev tried something different on ‘Mad Ting’, his latest song. It is a nod to Afrobeat, arguably the hottest sound in pop music: youtu.be/t4JMPwvVlWQ.

Being a fan of Afrobeat music, Sysuev first experimented with this genre. “I love their instruments and they have a specific rhythm that makes them so authentic and original that it touches everyone. I love how it makes people feel,” he said.

Released alongside an eye-catching music video, ‘Mad Ting’ signals an exciting, rebirth of sound for Sysuev which sees his mixing sophisticated and sultry, future-R&B with vibrant Afrobeats influences and his distinctive and mesmerizingly, soulful vocals, which can be heard on his recent EP ‘Mr. Worldwide’.

‘Mad Ting’ caps a busy period of recording for Sysuev. His latest songs, which includes ‘South Beach’ and ‘Best 4 U’, will be part of a bigger project.

“We are definitely cooking up something new for the world to take in and enjoy,” he said.

Sysuev is a versatile and talented artist, singer-songwriter with a passion for forward-thinking Hip-Hop, R&B and Electronica. Hailing from Kyiv (Ukraine), this edgy performer managed to combine stunning melodies with infectious grooves and well-produced beats, in order to create a catchy, yet gritty and personable sound.

His career took off when he won the top prize in the ‘Raskrutka’ competition on Music Box UA TV Channel in Ukraine.

Then Sysuev released his albums ‘Good Life’, ‘Mr. Worldwide’ and a lot of separate singles, music videos, which proved a powerful example of his sonic vision, marking a really unique step forward for this artist, whose sound is becoming increasingly more personal and defined.

These releases were warmly welcomed by many respected music critics, mass media and bloggers: Tune Collective, Kaboom Magazine, MTV Rock, M2, Rapbully, Karabas Live, Thisis50, LiRoom, iHeartMusic, UA Music, Fox News, Telegid, Ratingsgamemusic, Wu-world.

Recently Sysuev has just had a major success with victory in the nomination of NSC Olimpiyskiy Choice at the Kyiv Music Days festival. He also had performed at major festivals such as Atlas Weekend, Hedonism, White Nights, Koktebel and many others.

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